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Latest Update Regarding Dental Care at Lyndhurst

Until further notice the practice will be closed for all routine dental care. As we are sure you will understand, our opening date remains fluid at this time.

When we have a firm opening date, we shall contact our patients whose appointments have not yet been rescheduled in order to give them a new appointment - please refer to our Patient Information Letter.

We are providing emergency care during this time, remotely wherever possible to minimise close contact between our patients and the dental team.

If you have a dental emergency please call either Mark Wood on 07979 902653 or Mike Wortelhock on 07963 909319. You may need to leave a message for one of us to return your call.

Re-opening Lyndhurst

While we do not yet have a firm date for re-opening the practice, we are working hard behind the scenes in preparation, in order to ensure a safe working environment for our patients and staff.

This involves a whole host of measures which include having the correct level of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and ensuring a safe patient journey through the practice.

One of the most important measures that we have undertaken is to invest in equipment which will certify Lyndhurst as a ‘Clean Air Facility’.

You will see below the details of two pieces of the latest technology available which ensure a clean air environment for patients and staff.

Firstly, in the waiting room we shall have the Radic8 VK103 - please click on the link for further details -

Secondly, in each of the surgeries we shall have Ajax extra-oral suction devices. These are incredibly effective at both reducing the aerosol created by some dental procedures and cleaning the air in the whole surgery environment - please view the video for more information.


Lyndhurst is a long established part of the community in Bath, providing high quality dental care for all ages for over 30 years. 

Practice owners Mark Wood and Mike Wortelhock lead an excellent team of a speciality dentist, general practitioners and support staff.

The established key traits of Lyndhurst are:-




We have an extremely caring approach, providing as many dental services as possible in house for patients of all ages.


We develop a high degree  of trust with our patients, keeping their best interests in mind in all aspects of the service we provide. 


We have a relaxed, comfortable environment.  Lyndhurst has built a reputation for making our patients feel at home as soon as they walk through the door.


We invest in modern, fully researched, tried and trusted techniques, avoiding flashy gimmicks!